Required Equipment for Class

Class is very demanding, it’s best to bring all the toys you’ll need and then some.

  • paperwork and highest cert card you have, last log book page
  • Argon reg with LP hose for drysuit
  • drysuit hose
  • oxygen compatiable lube for o-rings
  • a sea-cure mouthpiece you will like them on the DSV (get the number five¬†high flow)
  • bailout reg with 2nd stage, hp gauge (this is where your drysuit hose will be connected)
  • backplate and wing (assuming you need it)
  • drysuit and under garment
  • warm hat and gloves to wear between dives
  • wet hood and gloves
  • lift bag or SMB x 1
  • reel or spool x 1
  • knife or cutting device x 1
  • wet notes or slate and pencil
  • spare mask
  • fins and mask
  • drysuit booties if sepearte
  • bungie and spare double ender clips and two small single ender bolt snaps
  • two computers or depth/bottom timing devices
  • any tools you can fit that you may want , i have tools so dont worry too much about this
  • Primary light (1)
  • backup lights (2)
  • Weight pockets
  • Spare O2 cell (i will have this so it is not required)
  • IP Gauge (i will have this so it is not required)
  • Wax & talc
  • Counterlung D rings (optional on OTS ccrs)
  • hoses and fittings
  • P-valve sheaths
  • wet suit for the pool
  • 7′ long MYFLEX hose
  • 90-110¬†degree elbow for 2nd stage reg so it sits nice around the neck
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