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rEvo Required Spares

Please bring the following spares with you to ensure you’ll be able to make it through class. It’s a good idea to have these with you on any trip. DSV o-ring kit DSV flappers Scrubber spring and nut Fischer cable

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Required Equipment for Class

Class is very demanding, it’s best to bring all the toys you’ll need and then some. paperwork and highest cert card you have, last log book page Argon reg with LP hose for drysuit drysuit hose oxygen compatiable lube for

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CCR “Simplified” Manual

  This manual explains in simple terms everything a new rebreather diver wants to know. It is basically a “how” to guide for diving and planning dives on a CCR. The manual is presented in a manor that will allow the

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CCR Cave Diving “Almost Simplified” Manual

In writing this manual I realized as a CCR cave instructor that there was a void of information available to the new CCR cave diver specifically in regards to dive planning. I feel that it is important for a student

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Rebreathers Simplified Appendix Downloads

  Appendix I Evolution Appendix III Inspiration Appendix IV KISS Classic Appendix V KISS Sport Appendix VI Apecs Meg Appendix XII rEvo Appendix XIII MK 15 Appendix XIV Sentinel Copis Meg Check Sheet Optima Check Sheet Pelegian Check Sheet

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How to fill two rEvo canisters

Paul Raymaekers shows us how to properly fill a rEvo scrubber canister

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