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Mel Clark is a TDI and IANTD Technical and Rebreather instructor specializing in quality instruction of fully closed circuit rebreathers. Working together with TDI, Mel has helped develop the KISS CCR TDI course.

Mel takes a self portraitMel Clark is located in Everett, Washington and trains all levels of open circuit including; First Aid, CPR, Nitrox, Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures, Technical Nitrox, Extended Range, Trimix, Advanced Trimix. Mel also teaches all gas blender programs and closed circuit rebreather trimix courses.

Mel is an instructor for TDI, and IANTD with instructor trainer ratings from TDI. Mel is an active technical/rebreather diving instructor trainer; and avid underwater photographer. She has over four thousand dives with more than twenty five hundred technical dives. She began her diving career at twelve years of age as a junior open water diver. At age eighteen she was a divemaster and was a partner in a dive store. The early 1990’s brought about an increasing awareness for mixed gas diving, which Mel immediately embraced. By 2002 she had worked her way up to NAUI Course Director and NAUI technical instructor. In 2003 she earned her Advanced Trimix instructor rating with TDI. She also earned her IANTD technical training qualifications. In 2003 she taught for Divers Institute of Technology (DIT) helping to develop future commercial divers. Mel began down the rebreather path in 2003. In her all or nothing style she completely immersed herself in everything rebreather orientated.

She now currently instructs students and future instructors on most of the major rebreathers on the market. One of Mel’s most challenging and rewarding certifications was becoming a Megalodon CCR IT (currently there are only a few worldwide). When Mel is not instructing she can usually be found in the water exploring wrecks or caves. Aside from teaching Mel is passionate about underwater photography and writing. She is currently a staff photojournalist for Advanced Diver Magazine. Mel has made a genuine contribution to the diving community by increasing CCR diver knowledge and safety through her easy to read manuals. She has written many manuals including the TDI KISS CCR manual, TDI Semi-Closed Circuit rebreather manual, and the soon to be published Megalodon CCR manual. After much hard work Mel has independently published CCR Trimix Simplified.

Mel is a doctor of pharmacy by profession. She not only teaches scuba but also is passionate about teaching in the medical field.

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  1. Lee Harman says:

    Good evening, Mel:

    You now rank in the top three of my “most memorable” row companions flying commercial aircraft. Enjoyed meeting you and now reading of your accomplishments.

    Kind regards,


    R. Lee Harman, MD, FACS
    Flight Surgeon
    Ophthalmologist, retired.

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